Graphing Back to Back

Long before there were polygraphs my classes were describing and drawing graphs back to back.


Students sit back to back with one looking at the screen and the other an individual coordinate grid white board. I display a graph and one student describes to the other.


The teacher move question to ask when everyone has drawn is “Drawers, what is something your describer told you that was helpful.” It is such an easy way for one student to honor a contribution of another student. Meanwhile I listen to contribution and we start moving slowly towards more formal vocabulary.

Teacher move 2 is to rotate around the room after each graph cross-pollinating the vocabulary. I use about 4 to 6 graphs gradually becoming more complex. With the more complexity after graphing we play “I can name that graph in…” and groups talk together about the fewest directions needed to describe a graph.

Investing this time sets us up so well as we learn about a new function.

I added some detail and teacher moves in the notes to this google slide version

Here are some others in desmos.



Absolute Value Graphs





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